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The College of Letters and Science at UW Oshkosh is home to award-winning programs, nationally recognized faculty and talented students.

The College of Letters and Science prepares students for 21st century citizenship through a liberal arts education.

College of Letters and Science alumni are equipped to serve and lead in a variety of roles worldwide.

College of Letters and Science faculty and staff bring years of experience to the classroom and provide students with opportunities for hands-on research.


The College of Letters and Science connects faculty, staff and students with opportunities internationally through a variety of partnerships.


Innovative Programs

The College of Letters and Science is the largest college and most varied college at UW Oshkosh with academic programs spanning the sciences, the social sciences, the humanities, and the fine and performing arts. There are

  • More than 40 undergraduate majors and numerous minors
  • Six undergraduate certificate programsEngineering Technology Class
  • Eight master’s degree programs
  • Three graduate certificate programs

Courses are offered in-person on the UW Oshkosh campus, with some online college course options.

Learn more about COLS academic programs.

Outstanding Students

Central to the mission of the college is a broad-based liberal education that challenges students to explore a wide spectrum of knowledge about the human experience and the natural world, to enhance their skills of communication, critical thinking and problem solving, to understand and bridge cultural difference, and discover their own capacities for creative expression.

Through an exciting array of powerful learning opportunities – including hands-on community-based projects, internships, student/faculty collaborative research, global learning and study abroad, among many others – COLS equips students for specific careers while also preparing them to be responsible citizens who understand and contribute to the complex and changing world in which they live.

Because liberal education within the College of Letters and Science provides both breadth of knowledge through the University Studies Program (general education), as well as in-depth study in a specific area of interest, students graduate with transferable intellectual and practical skills that serve them in the workplace and in life.

ProPerspectives_16Industry-Changing Alumni

Our more than 30,000 College of Letters and Science alumni are innovators and leaders in their local communities and worldwide. From careers in the sciences to the fine arts to humanities to social sciences, our alumni take with them a broad liberal arts education, making their opportunities limitless. The College of Letters and Science proudly boasts numerous Distinguished Alumni Award and Outstanding Young Alumni Award Recipients.

Award-winning Faculty and Staff

Our nationally recognized faculty are committed to excellence in teaching, research and service. Our faculty and staff are connected not only to their departments, but also throughout the University and in the communities in which they live.

USP2015Showcase_12Internationally-recognized Programs & Partnerships

The College of Letters and Science promotes programs and partnerships that expose students to a broad spectrum of knowledge, develop critical thinking skills and connections with community partners, both locally and internationally. The University’s nationally-recognized general education program, the University Studies Program (USP), ignites intellectual curiosity  and connects students with community partners through the USP Quest III course.  The Cooperative Academic Partnership Program (CAPP) partners with high schools to offer UW Oshkosh courses at their high school.

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Contact Us

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
College of Letters and Science
800 Algoma Blvd.
Oshkosh, WI 54901-8660

Nursing Education Building
Room 101

Phone: (920) 424-1222

Biology professor receives faculty mentor honorable mention

For University of Wisconsin Oshkosh assistant professor of biology Courtney Kurtz, the most gratifying part of her job is taking students to conferences and meetings. “It is rewarding to see them mingle with other students. For my undergraduate students, they are usually the only undergraduates there so they get to interact with people who are more senior and I have always had good comments from faculty on how mature and knowledgeable my students are,” Kurtz said. Kurtz, who has a bachelor’s degree in biology from UW-Stevens Point and a doctorate in comparative biomedical sciences from UW-Madison, earned an honorable mention at UW Oshkosh’s Celebration of Scholarship for her role as a faculty mentor. “She is tireless in helping her students as they leave UW Oshkosh for bigger and better things, providing networking for graduate school placement opportunities as well as innumerable letters of recommendation,” said Dana Merriman, Axle Tech international professor of biology at UWO. Since joining the UW Oshkosh biology department in 2010, Kurtz has mentored 18 undergraduate students in research projects. Her own research centers on hibernation in ground squirrels. “We are studying immunology and obesity during hibernation,” Kurtz said. “Hibernators go into a cycle of fattening, and in humans, obesity and fat tissues lead to inflammation and other issues. We are looking at potentially using squirrels to treat human obesity and are working toward an NIH (National Institute of Health) grant.” Hibernators go through massive immune changes from high white blood cell counts to zero and then when they wake up the white blood cell count comes back up, Kurtz said. “People have always said ground squirrels could be a model for obesity,” Kurtz said. “It’s a new area in human studies.” Kurtz said she has always loved ground squirrels and hibernation, and sharing that with her students is rewarding. “I bring students into the lab and have them hold the ground squirrels and they are cold and don’t move and the students are always fascinated with that,” Kurtz said. For graduating senior biology major Vishwajit Tuchscherer, his time spent in Kurtz’s lab has prepared him for graduate school. “Through example, she started small showing me how to properly pipette samples or document lab experiments in the lab notebook to how to perform lab protocols, while always being open to questions,” Tuchscherer said. “She had confidence in me and continues to push her students to grow their knowledge of lab experience.” In her lab, Kurtz pairs new students with more senior students to provide a lot of a hands-on training “I find that most undergraduates have been way more dedicated than I ever would have thought. They come in on weekends and even stay late,” Kurtz said. “I have never had bad personality clashes. My students become a little family with brother/sister mentoring between students.” Learn more: Study biology at UW Oshkosh.

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Kinesiology professor teams up with Marquette University for stroke research

Since 2005, kinesiology professor Leigh Ann Mrotek has used her fascination with the way the body works to fuel her research and teach students at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

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Chemistry professor named 2016 faculty mentor

Professor William Wacholtz was the recipient of the 2016 Celebration of Scholarship Faculty Mentor award for his work in mentoring undergraduate student researchers.

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